Thursday, February 17, 2011

Natural Skin Care: A Perfect Skin Care Alternative

One of the daily rituals that we cannot do without is our skin care routine. Today, there are a lot of skin care and beauty products as well as treatments that can help in preventing acne and other skin complications.

However, most conventional skin care routines are composed of products which contain chemical ingredients that can only lead to further skin complications. That is why more and more people today prefer to use natural skin care instead of using costly and chemical-laden skin care and beauty products.

If you want to switch from conventional skin care to natural skin care, the following are some top skin care tips that can help you in starting a natural skin care daily routine:

Go for gentle soap products.

Do not be fooled with skin care products that promote a lot of ingredients. Instead, choose natural skin care products like gentle soap, for these are actually good for the skin. There are a lot of skin care soaps that contain oatmeal, tea tree or eucalyptus. These ingredients are excellent for oily and combination type of skin.

Make a facial toner made of natural ingredients.

You can create a mixture of rosemary, thyme, organic white wine, and bay leaf to make an all-natural facial toner. Let the mixture simmer for about 10 minutes, then strain, and let it cool. After this, you can now apply you all-natural toner for removing oil and residue on your face.

Buy a moisturizer that contains natural ingredients.

When buying a moisturizer product, opt for the one that contains natural ingredients. You can buy the ones that have olive and almond oil ingredients, for these two help in delaying the process of aging as well as prevent acne.

Indulge in a natural facial treatment at home.

Who says facial treatments are expensive? You can actually enjoy this skin care treatment at the comfort of your home. You can use items found in your kitchen to make a paste that you can apply at your face for 20 minutes. These kitchen ingredients that you can mix to create a thick facial paste are lemon juice, eggs, tomato, and avocado.

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