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Sex Positions To Get quick Pregnant

Sex Positions To Get quick Pregnant
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VIVAnews - In some cases, sex position to have an important role in producing a pregnancy. The rule is the male sperm must be released as close as possible to the woman's cervix.
When the egg is released from the ovary, or it is called ovulation, the egg tubes running through the tube toward the uterus. Eggs that have been released it will usually last for 24 hours, while the sperm will survive in a woman's body for 3-5 days. Therefore, the sperm must be releasedas close as possible the egg so that fertilization occurs before the egg dies .
Many people who do not believe the relationship with pregnancy sex position. However, this is very logical considering that position to help the sperm meeting the egg in the distance as close as possible.
The best lovemaking position is a position that avoids the occurrence of 'exploration' sperm in the womb, and against gravity during lovemaking, such as standing, sitting, or woman is above. In order to get a pregnancy, couples should limit the sperm that comes out of the vagina.
Hip women should be positioned in such a way as to avoid the release of sperm so that sperm have a long enough time to swim in a woman's uterus..
The missionary position, or better known as the 'man on top' is the best position to obtain offspring. This is because these positions allow deeper penetration more so the sperm is released close to the uterus.
The position of women who lifted her hips also includes a position that allows the sperm into the uterus. By lifting the hips of women, may be assisted by putting a pillow under the woman's body, the uterus will be easier to enter the sperm thus increasing the number of sperm that enter.
There is also a 'doggy style', when a woman turned man's body. In this position, the sperm were released near the cervix thereby increasing the likelihood of conception. Position 'side by side' is also potentially increase the likelihood of pregnancy.
Not only are these positions that help couples get a descent, the perceived female orgasm also have an important role. Based on research, led to contraction of orgasm in women who push the sperm into the uterus.

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